Monday, February 3, 2014

Next book coming out: LOVE ON HOLD

Hope you're having a good new year so far. I haven't blogged nearly enough and I am going to try my best to blog more often.

I have a novel coming out on March 5th, the first in a family series based on the Wilkins family. I have fallen for these cast of characters and I hope that you do too.  The cover and summary are below:

Millionaires Mariah Culver had finally thought that when she had something good, it’d last—until she discovered that the man she was set to marry in two months had betrayed her. Devastated, Mariah regrets that she’d trusted another man after the first love of her life, Aaron Wilkins had broken her heart. When Aaron Wilkins comes back into town, he turns her world upside down by bringing back feelings to the surface that she’d thought vanished along with his swift exit from her life.
Aaron Wilkins wouldn’t have come to his hometown of Bloomfield TownshipOhio if his parents hadn’t put their feet down. They didn’t just want him to visit his hometown; they wanted him to move back home for good. Aaron comes to realize that he can’t stay home if Mariah Culver isn’t by his side.

I've been asked about what will happen with the Paloma's Edge series; the third, final book, which is currently untitled, will be Jake's story. It meant so much to me that readers had e-mailed me, asking for him to get his own HEA. I plan to release his story in late 2014 or early 2015, the latest. I love his heroine and I think they're a fantastic match. 

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